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Message from John Riley

Honorary Chairman Aerospace
Cluster of Baja California, A.C.




The Aerospace Cluster of Baja California continues its efforts to provide trained personnel for the Aerospace industry. This industry is one in which a career can be established that often times offers lifetime opportunities. Annually, Mexico graduates more engineers than the United States. Coupling
this with a population with an average age of less than 30 years old, provides long term opportunities.

Local schools and aerospace companies have joined together where the companies provide equipment such as machining equipment and the trade schools provide the training. Graduates of these programs are quickly absorbed by the industry.

Other examples of training efforts are demonstrated in certified CATIA software courses provided by CANIETI, the National Chamber of information technology, electronics, telecommunications and electronics. In the first half of this year, the Tijuana chapter of CANIETI has graduated approximately 45 certified students through this effort.

Baja California also has an active presence in the manufacturing of Drones, otherwise known as UAV’s. 3D Robotics is a company that that has had good results with their manufacturing of their product in Baja California. They are not the only company to find great success in manufacturing some
of their product in the state.

An often overlooked segment that has a strong presence in the state, is the defense industry. This industry has been utilizing the advantages of working in the state for many years. With the Wassenaar Agreement, ITAR and BASA (Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement) this industry is expected to continue its’ growth.

I have had the good fortune to spend many years in this industry and I encourage those with the expertise, to join in our efforts to educate and train today’s aerospace workforce. This industry, by its’ nature, can provide careers, not just jobs. The opportunities are great and the time invested in the industry will be something that will make you proud.

I can BEST express this PRIDE, as an acronym:


Message from Tomas Sibaja

Cluster of Baja California, A.C.




The aerospace industry of Baja California has become an important representation of the Mexican virtues we offer to competitive global markets.

Our people, our expertise, our long history in this important industry have proven successful for many decades. The time has come to show our strengths as a unique regional ecosystem that combines specialized knowledge, business opportunities and a value chain that global players have defined as the unique ‘Baja Aerospace Concept’ – a prism of mature and diversified companies that coexists in an unparalleled crossborder region considered as the most dynamic platform of Mexico with long-term plans and genuine aspirations.

An attitude we have coined as our Megaregion (San Diego, Imperial Valley and Baja California). An exceptional location to serve the world.

Furthermore, the State of Baja California is a leading authority in this sector. With an average yearly growth of above 20% in the last ten years, all economic indicators – whether measured in export and import values, employment generation, number of companies and, most important, maturity and diversification data – confirm these facts. +28,000 direct aerospace employees, 80 global aerospace names and the largest concentration of M&A deals in Mexico in the aerospace industry reaffirm this effort.

As the executive president of the Aerospace Cluster of Baja California A.C., I invite you to learn about our region’s values by visiting us, and get to know the spaces in which our industry’s players come together and interact.

The Aerospace Cluster of Baja California, A.C. is at your service.

Welcome to Baja!

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